2 PhD and 1 postdoc position at University of Twente - NL

3 open positions!

Happy to announce that we 2 PhD positions and 1 postdoc position open at the moment. All three are related to our DeepNL projects SHAWave and INTEGRATION.

For modelling of earthquake propagation in relation to seismic hazard assessment, with partners KNMI, TNO, SodM, Eindhoven University:

And the other PhD and postdoc are related to the INTEGRATION project, focussed on integrating all DeepNL acquired data from the last decade into a multi-observable model:
PhD 4 years: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/1695/phd-candidate-deepnl-project-numerical-modelling-and-geophysical-inversion-for-characterization-of-the-dutch-subsurface/
Postdoc 3 years: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/1698/researcher-postdoc-deep-learning-for-geophysical-observables-extraction-and-inversion-toward-characterizing-the-dutch-subsurface/