AdriaArray news - June 2024

Dear AdriaArray participants, dear colleagues,

with this message, we would like to announce several AdriaArray news, mainly following the workshop in Sofia and the splinter meeting at EGU.

1] Marija Mustać (@mmustac) and Gergana Georgieva (@ggeorgieva ), supported by Carlo Cauzzi (@ccauzzi ), are taking care of the webpage. If you have any suggestions, please, contact Marija and Gergana directly. The webpage is updated regularly, so keep an eye on it.

2] Gregor Rajh (@grajh) takes care of the token system. If you are about to get an EIDA token for downloading the data, please, start here

and then get in touch with Gregor.

3] After the discussion which started at the AdA workshop 2023 in Dubrovnik, and after introducing the first prototype at the workshop in Sofia recently, we prepared a summary of the data and metadata quality tests. It was presented as a poster at the 2024 EGU. The poster and a summary table are available here

There is also a readme file, which redirects you then to other sites with the particular tests by Johannes Stampa (@johannes.stampa), Felix Eckel (@felix.eckel), Luděk Vecsey (@vecsey) and Petr Kolínský (@petr.kolinsky). There is also a new issue posted on the EIDA issue tracker

We would encourage all network and station operators to check these documents and to fix what concerns their networks/stations. Don’t hesitate to get back to Petr, Felix, Johannes and Luděk, if something needs more explanation.

4] For early career scientists, there is already a private ECS category here at the Forum. If you want to be invited, please, contact Felix or Carlo.

5] On the AdA webpage, the participants are listed by name

However, we can only list those who agreed with their name to be there. This agreement was given by many when filling out the questionnaire. If you are an AdA participant and you want your name to appear on the webpage, please, fill out the questionnaire and check the respective box. You can fill out the questionnaire anyway, if you did not do so yet, providing information about your interests.

6] If you have any questions about the membership and/or adding new participants for the current member institution, please ask Petr, Gregor or Thomas Meier (@thomas.meier).

7] As announced earlier, there is a call for papers for the special issue in the Annals of Geophysics journal (gold open access)

To tentatively guess possible publications, we prepared a form where you can show your interest. Please, check it out and possibly fill it in. Your suggestion is not binding. The guest editors are Irene Molinari, Gergana, Petr and Thomas.

8] All technical documentation on AdA is available at the usual link

Best regards

Petr, Thomas, Gregor, Gergana, Marija, Carlo, Irene, Felix, Luděk, Johannes