๐ŸŒŠ Discover the Depths: Join the OBS and Amphibian Experiments Forum!

:star2: Join the OBS and Amphibian Experiments Forum! :frog:

Hi all! I am very excited to kick off the forum for OBS (Ocean-Bottom Seismometers) and Amphibians.

I hope this forum can be a source for discussions, Q&A, and invaluable insights for all your questions about OBS, sea cables, and amphibian experiments.

I am also taking the chance to advertise the EGU OBS session on Thursday (SM3.2) Ocean bottom seismology throughout the years: instrumentation, processing and interpretation with conveners Ana Ferreira, Afonso Loureiro, Helen Janiszewski, Stephen Hicks and myself.

I hope we can use this forum to exchange, advise, help, and advocate best practices and knowledge focused on all OBS, amphibian instruments, data processing and dissemination.

After a wonderful session, I want to turn your attention to this GitHub repository:

Wayne Crawford (IPGP) presented an update from the EPOS/ORFEUSโšก๏ธAction groupโšก๏ธ on OBS meta/data standards. Itโ€™s a collaborative workplace for OBS data, where everybody can submit issues and check out the documentation!