NIEP node ramping up

Hello to all the community,

End of September, NIEP suffered from a major disaster bringing down all the data delivery services.

Since some weeks now, thanks to the hard work from NIEP staff, the core services are up again (dataselect and station)

They still miss the indexation database required to run the wfcatalog and availability services. They hope to be back on track by mid of January.

Many thanks to all that had to bare patiently with this issue, and also to the support you expressed toward the NIEP technical team.

In parallel, EIDA management board and technical staff are strarting a work for risk assessments in order to improve, as a federated infrastructure and as individual nodes, by lowering the probability of disasters occurences and improve our resilience.

On behalf of the EIDA technical staff, I wish to all the members of this large community a happy festive season, with special thoughts to the ones that can’t share those moments with their loved ones.